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Meet the Catkins

No, they're not the cute, furry cousin of the domestic cat...catkins are the the long, fluffy "tassels" that fall from oak trees in the spring, spreading pollen in their path that will one day result in little acorns. Well, that sounds cute. But the catkin -- and other spring tree debris -- are the reasons why my Terracare team does not mulch before late May.

Mulch is great. It makes things look neat and tidy during the warmer months. It prevents weeds. It holds in moisture and protects plant roots. But mulch also costs a pretty penny. And most of my customers mulch every spring -- which they absolutely should do...because above all else, it looks great.

So, what DOESN'T make mulch look great? Catkins. Pollen. Helicopters. They make for dirty mulch...and once it's there, you're stuck with that spring debris for the whole season. Wait an extra week or two to lay down mulch and you're looking sweet for June, July and August!

At Terracare, we've already starting mulching for our customers who want it...but most of our customers will be mulched starting next week. I won't begrudge your mulching preferences...let me know what you think!

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