Shade Happens

Shade happens. Houses face north. Tree canopies grow tall and wide, blocking the sun's rays and creating a unique environment for plantings that does not favor tall, blowing grasses, reams of flowers or the abstract beauty of most coniferous plants. Enter the world of shade plantings. It can be beautiful, enchanting even...but you need to know what you're planting.

Do you have a shady property? How do your planting beds look? Boring? Colorless? Not thriving? You may not have the right plants for your property's unique environment.

My Upper Saddle River customers needed to plant for shade. They needed to plant for deer-resistance. And they wanted color on their property throughout the warmer seasons. What are some of my favorite shade-loving plants?

  • Rhododendron - "Rhodies" as they're known, offer the year round benefit of evergreen leaves as well as bright, fluffy bunches of flowers in the spring months.

  • Steeds & Chesapeake Holly - These evergreen shrubs can handle shade and look really good anchoring a corner or doorway.

  • Korean Spice Viburnum - This great plant has a beautifully scented flower in of its many positive attributes.

  • Heuchera - This perennial comes in purple and vibrant green/pink varieties. Low to the ground, with a dome-like spread and a maple-shaped leaf, it shoots off delicate spouts of flowers in late spring.

I can name so many more shrubs and perennials that I like to use in shade plantings. You can still create beautiful landscaping in the shade. Our Upper Saddle River project is a great example!

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