Back at the Ranch, Maximizing Transplants

I feel it's important to say that when you do a big landscape redesign, not every old plant must be goner! Sure, some things get leggy and deer-eaten over time, but let's see what we can work with...not only does it reduce waste, it also saves you money!

Transplanting is key, and now, in the cooler weeks of spring, is the very best time to do it! Even if that big old azalea isn't meant for its spot by the front door, it may have new life in your backyard patio area. Those peonies that are haphazardly plunked in the middle of your front bed would make much more sense grouped together on the side of the house as a cutting garden, since their lifespan is so short. Before you wipe the slate clean, make sure you've saved the good stuff!

Yesterday, our Terracare crew was back at our client's Upper Saddle River ranch, and we were doing just that. We moved some big, beautiful boxwoods, azalea, spirea and those peonies I mentioned earlier. When you're at the end of a big home construction project, why not focus your dollars on a big front yard redesign, and fix up the rear outdoor living space with some of the golden oldies? When the budget gets tight, there's no doubt that transplanting can be a great way to do more with less!

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