Dreamy Backyards...Serious Planning

This time of year, thoughts turn to the outdoors and warmer temperatures bring dreams of pools, fire features and other projects that bring more enjoyment to time outside. In addition to our landscape maintenance work, we absolutely LOVE to be called on for our design/build capabilities.

I've been lucky enough to work side-by-side with many of my customers to build the backyard of their dreams. For some, this means a pool and spa...for others, it's an amazing outdoor kitchen or fire pit...and sometimes, it's all of the above! I like to say, "if you can dream it, we can build it!"

I take great pride in working closely with each customer to carefully think about how their project should be designed. I don't just stick a pool in the backyard. We look at how sunlight falls on their property, the flow of water, and how everything integrates with other elements of the property, such as a deck, patio or play area. This same rule applies for all types of projects. I believe thoughtful planning leads to finished projects that are enjoyed for years to come.

I was extremely proud when one of our projects was selected by the editors of 201 Magazine for the monthly "Home" feature in the August 2016 issue. Check it out here! This is a great example of the full range of what we can do -- it may not be what's on your wish list for your property, but I'm here to talk about what might be! Let's start brainstorming!

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