Want a Great Lawn? There's a Thatch!

Terracare's Spring Cleanups start today -- and I think it's a great time to talk about thatch. What's thatch, you ask? It's the dead roots, lawn debris and other organic matter that if not removed, can stifle your lawn and ultimately kill the grass! Sounds pretty serious, huh?

Want a green lawn this summer? De-thatch. Don't have a a Spring Cleanup program? You need one. Call me. De-thatching is essential to set the stage for a green, healthy lawn in the warmer months ahead.

How do we de-thatch at Terracare? In the old days, we used a thatching machine -- but found this approach to wreak havoc on our customers' lawns and sprinkler heads. These days, we're doing it right with a special de-thatching attachment on the front of all our mowers that gently and safely lifts the thatch to keep sprinkler systems, invisible pet fences and landscape lighting safe and sound.

Want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood this spring through fall? Start with de-thatching. You'll thank me later!

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