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Privacy, Please!

Maybe you love your neighbor...but even still, privacy plantings can be a functional and visually pleasing element on your property! Installing a carefully selected row of taller trees and/or shrubs in key areas can help make your property a more private retreat from the outside world. Consider privacy plantings if you:

* Have neighbors nearby (most of us!)

* Have a busy road or field adjacent to your property

* Would rather not have passersby seeing you and your family sunbathing or playing in the yard

* Want to reduce ambient noise surrounding your property

I often work with my customers to create privacy screenings like the one above. We particularly love Green Giant Arborvitae for their beautiful appearance, hardiness and deer-resistance. Green Giants, paired with other ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials, can easily blend with existing landscaping and add to the beauty of your property.

Think about it for your property...Maybe this is the year you'll be saying, "see you later, neighbor!"

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