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Happy Spring...Is a Spring Cleanup Part of Your Landscaping Plan?

So this is spring! Hmmm...March 20, and here we are, still with many inches of snow on the ground. A week or two, and that snow will fade, leaving in its place grass and plants just waking up from their winter sleep...and ready for us to come and whip them into shape to make our customers' properties really wow during the warmer months.

We had originally scheduled our Spring Cleanups to start last week, but we all know what happened to that plan...So, as the snow melts, we're gearing up here to be ready to give customers that fresh start as soon as possible.

Customers often ask me, "Gary, do I really need a Spring Cleanup?" The answer is a resounding "Yes!"

What's a Spring Cleanup, you ask? It's like a good trip to the spa (or so I hear) slough off the old growth so the new growth can emerge, better than ever. We remove the sticks, leaves and other debris that landed on your property during the winter months...we de-thatch the lawn...we rake and blow out the beds and edge all previously edged beds by hand with a spade shovel so they look clean and precise.

Basically, the Spring Cleanup is the start of something good, and we're looking forward to giving you a lot of GOOD and GREAT this Spring and in the maintenance season ahead! Happy Spring!

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