Let it Snow...

So, we're getting another wallop of winter, with at least 16" of snow predicted for Bergen County between tonight and tomorrow night. Having been in the snow business for nearly 30 years, it's never a surprise to me when we have a late-breaking snow storm, just as the day lilies are pushing through the dirt, and the forsythia are budding.

Things are buzzing here at Terracare, as we're getting our plows ready, and salt in place, for our residential and commercial snow removal customers. And with a storm like this, it's gratifying to know that we'll be out there, doing what we do best, while our customers are able to be home enjoying their families -- or just a quiet day when the pace of the world has no choice but to slow down a bit.

If you trust in Terracare for snow removal, thank you! We remind you to keep driveways clear of vehicles, raise that basketball hoop and move your decorative planters to a safe place.

During the storm, keeping driveways cleared will be our top priority -- walkways will be cleaned up after the storm is over. We'll be there for you as soon as it is safe for our crews to go out...please be patient with us.

If you're a do-it-yourselfer, I wish you all the best, too! If we can be of help, give our office a call today, as many have done already!

And while you're spending time indoors, check out this amazingly easy and awesome recipe for Sausage Risotto -- a great snowy day lunch or dinner (that's courtesy of our COO, Rachel Lohman). http://www.marthastewart.com/313739/tomato-and-sausage-risotto.

Happy Snow Day ahead!

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