Black-Eyed Susan...Don't Let Her Take Over!!

Everyone loves Black-Eyed Susans. Not me. Don't get me wrong, they're pretty to look at. Kind of like a mini sunflower. But looks ain't everything. Make a smart choice and leave them out of your property's landscaping plan. Or, if you just can't resist their charms, put them in a spot where they can grow with wild abandon. Why? Because that's what Black-Eyed Susans do! Few realize when they agree to a landscape design plan that Black-Eyed Susans are incredibly invasive and hard to control. If you want your beds to look neat and tidy for seasons to come, this is not the perennial for you! Definitely on my least-favorite list.

#perennials #flowers #landscaper #landscaping #landscapedesign #blackeyedsusan

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